Happy Turkey Day everyone! Time to hang with the fam, drink too much, eat too much and watch some football!!

This year, there are certainly some things that I am thankful for in the world of sports and I felt it’d be nice to share with everyone.

First, I’m thankful for the Knicks. Words can’t express how great it is to actually be excited about this team. Not “fake” excited, like when MSG was chanting “M-V-P” at Quincy Acy a handful of years back (Ketch was there with me)… I mean real excited. Like going on 28-0 runs against a playoff caliber team like the Raptors. Like it being almost December and having double digit playoff odds. THAT kinda excited.

Second, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I’m thankful for the Yankees run this year. I have grown to fall in love with almost that entire roster (even if I consider Betances the re-headed step-child… he still holds a special place in my heart).

Next up, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish – both football and basketball. The football team, for my expectations at least, VERY MUCH SO over achieved. Even being Top 10 right now is awesome. Love that football team. And last night, if anyone watched the Maui Championship, down 3 with 30 seconds to go, Wichita St inbounding the ball – Bridgewater, NJ native, Matt Farrell – steals the pass, dishes it. Down one. GRIT and stingy defense stole that game from the Shockers. IT. WAS. ELECTRIC.

And last, I am thankful for something shitty: the New York football Giants. We need to not have it all, so that when things go well, you feel better. And boy oh boy are the Giants doing terrible enough for ALL my teams. I’m thankful for the turnips as well as the sweet potatoes, ya know?!

Anyways, this year has been one hell of a year in sports, and it’d be wrong if I just ignored it.

From the WCS family to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!!