This new segment on the site will be a real interactive one – you bring your sex questions to the table, and our newest writer Brit, a real life nurse*, will answer them for you. Naturally, right off the bat we had plenty of questions, so Day 1 is full of gold. Send yours in however, email (, DM us on Instagram, Tweet us, or send a carrier pigeon or Potato Parcel to the WCS HQ… WHATEVER, just send them in and keep em cumming!

Saturday Sex Ed classes with Brit start today… SCHOOL IS IN SESSION!!

Question: “Is it weird one time I hooked up with this chick my friend also banged years earlier, and she was saying his name, so I did too?” – Anonymous
Nurse Brit: No. In my somewhat expert opinion it is not weird.

Question: Have you ever been with a chick and she’s like too wet?” – Ted, circa 2011
Nurse Brit: I personally have not been with a chick that was too wet. But I would imagine wet is more of a preference than an actual medical condition.

Question: Why can’t girls cum?” – Every guy ever
Nurse Brit: Actually girls can cum. Female ejaculation is a thing. It is often referred to as “squirting”. Unlike men, women do not ejaculate with every orgasm, but it does happen. Good luck finding that rare gem.

Question: What is the clitoris?” – Dwight Schrute
Nurse Brit: The clitoris is a female sex organ that produces sexual pleasure for women.

Question: Can crabs get crabs?” – Ketch
Nurse Brit: Crabs cannot get crabs. They are not mammals and do not have sexual reproductive organs that can get sexually transmitted diseases. Understandably confusing.

Question: My girl is WILD. She doesn’t like anal or anything but she likes it rough, like a little choking and shit, you know. Anyways, last week things got a little wild and I guess I choked her so hard she ended up passing out… She didn’t wake up and after a few days I realized she was probably dead so I took her behind the nearest Five Guys and threw her in the dumpster. My question for you is do you think in hindsight she would rather have just done anal and how do you think I can coax the next one into it?” – Anonymous (Understandably so)
Nurse Brit: You should go to the police. End of story.

Question: How short is too short?” – Slick Rick
Nurse Brit: Not sure what you mean by short. Please follow up with a more descriptive question next week.

Thank you all for these, it was a great opening Q&A. Don’t forget your homework is to think of some dirty questions for next week!! And Happy Spanksgiving!!!

Also, may you all be STD-free in the aftermath of Thanksgiving Eve!



Peace, Love and Taylor 🍆



* = Disclaimer: I am a student nurse not a registered nurse.