Holy food coma, after eating more on Thanksgiving than my niece weighed when SHE WAS BORN ON SATURDAY (!!!), there is plenty to be thankful for. Hope your break was as big a treat as mine because, shoot, you deserve it.

This week’s Merica Monday photo is Valerie from Brick, NJ with the Blue Lives Matter flag… Something she and we all can be thankful for. Go ahead and hit up her page at momonizmoproblems on Instagram and make some ❤’s fly! Go on and do it!! I’m telling you to leave our site and do it (not my smartest move).

And that leaves us with just the National Anthem left to get us started this week – a topic that I’m sure was RED HOT at most Turkey Day tables this past week with football on (guys, even at mine it was a “thing” – WHAT. THE. FLIP.)!

Alright, let’s do it.

Trace Adkins and a flyover? I love it.

Now, let’s get it this week as have only one measly month left in 2017 – ideally for all of us FILLED with burning our remaining Paid Off days!!

Thankful for that. Thankful to be an American.



Merica – Love It or Leave It,