Tayls touched on this a little while ago, but I felt like I needed to weigh in on this.  Over the years, Tayls and I have had HEATED debates about Eli Manning.  If you’re a Giants fan, you get it.  Some Giants fans do not give Eli a lot of credit for winning the Super Bowls, some do.  I was, and always will be an Eli guy.  Benching Eli Manning after 210 consecutive starts as unceremonious as they did will go down as one of the worst, classless moves that the New York Giants franchise has ever done.  It is absolutely disgusting how they handled this situation.  Contrary, Eli handled this entire situation with the upmost class (as expected).

It really isn’t the fact that the Giants decided to bench Eli that is pissing me off.  It’s how they went about it, and who they are benching him for.  Shit, if you listened to season one of the After School Special, you heard me say “hey maybe we throw Davis Webb in there to see what he’s got” so it’s not like I’m sitting here bitching about the sole fact that he was benched.  I think we could all see the merit in giving Davis Webb a few starts at the end of the season.  They used a third round pick on him, he’s got big hands and is a coaches son, Eli is 37 years old, and I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s some pretty decent quarterbacks projected to be in this year’s NFL draft.  So it would make sense to see if Webb can handle the starting position so that the G-Men would know which direction they want to go come April.  If they announced they were benching Eli to start Webb, then fine.

But Geno fucking Smith?  Are you kidding me?  Geno Smith?  The guy the Jets, who haven’t had a decent fucking quarterback since Chad Pennington, decided to move on from for Josh McCown is who you are starting?  THAT’S who you’re breaking Eli’s historic streak for?  THAT’S who you think is going to give you a better chance to win?  Give me a fucking break.  Smith is a free agent after this year.  It’s widely accepted that Geno Smith is going to be a career backup AT BEST.  He is NOT going to be the future of this franchise, nor does he have any chance to be the starting quarterback of the 2018 New York Giants.  The 2018 Giants starting quarterback is either going to be Eli Manning, Davis Webb*, or is currently playing in Norman or Los Angeles and that’s a goddamn fact.  Maybe I’ll be wrong and Geno will be the football version of Porzingis, but I highly doubt that.

That brings me to McAdoo’s meeting with Eli.  Asking him if he wants to start to keep his streak alive like it’s some kind of consolation prize is such a slap in the face to the most accomplished quarterback in franchise history.  It’s fucking bullshit and I’m so pissed off about this whole situation.  This season has been an absolute disaster, but I was resting (relatively) easy knowing that this dumpster fire was slowly extinguishing each week but here we fucking are.  I hope Eli shaves McAdoo’s dumb head, but he won’t because he’s got too much class.


*I know this blog makes it seem like I’m super high on Davis Webb, but I’m not really.  I truly think the next Giant’s QB will come from this upcoming draft, but at least see what Webb’s got and what he can do.  We already fucking know what Geno Smith can do.