Why put off for tomorrow what we can do today?

Screw New Years Resolutions – your boy Taylor is starting today!!

…soooo what am I doing?

Well, in case you had been living under a rockand you may have missed that the Taylor’s have a Thanksgiving Day Eating Competition to see who can gain the most weight in a day, I had gained 8 pounds in just a 5-hour span… It was awesome. The winner gained TWELVE pounds (shout-out Tim), and I know what you’re thinking – “That’s impossible!

Image result for mac gets analyzed

But it got me onto a new kick (and it is VERY related to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

I wanna get fat like Mac.

Now, he decided to gain like 60 pounds (if I’m not mistaken he did it because it was “funny”)… I know I can’t do THAT per se. That’d be an INSANE percentage of my weight.

However, in honor of Bulking SZN, I am going to aim to gain 10 pounds by the time the year turns 2018*. And God willing, if I succeed, I might just do it again in January.

It’s winter. It’s Bulking SZN. And Taylor is about to get fat**.



Bulking SZN,




* = Official weigh in videos WILL happen. Maybe this Friday and then again right before the New Year.

** = Yeah, I know 10, or even 20, pounds won’t get me “fat” in the traditional sense of the word. But it would certainly be “big” for me… And who knows, maybe I end up gaining it all and then I am unable to shed the weight. THAT would be funny!