Yikes. Definitely not my favorite episode by any stretch of the imagination. Just when I was praising this season episode after episode, they have to go and give us one of these filler episodes that we could definitely just do without. What purpose did it serve? To tell us that Elliot is depressed and wants to get rid of Mr. Robot? In the words of my favorite podcasters, uhhhhh ya think?!

I’m just going to run through some quick highlights/thoughts and not really break down the episode like I usually do because, like I said before, I think you get it.

Right off the bat, Mr. Alderson is right, M&Ms in popcorn is fucking great. My only edit would be to make them Reese’s Pieces. Either way, its a staple at the movies.

Little Elliot is a cold-hearted kid, not only just leaving his dad to basically die while he watches a movie, but he stole his coat too. Damn.

Alright back in current time, is Elliot’s neighbor the Revolting Blob? Face is definitely older and kind of hidden, but I would recognize that voice anywhere. Very funny stuff.

I enjoyed the comedic relief of Elliot just being a dick to that kid for most of the episode. Constantly calling him “dude” and giving short, one word answers. Made for a good chuckle or two amidst an episode where Elliot is planning to kill himself.

I’m very glad we got to see hacker vigilante Elliot back at the end of the episode. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing him take down some scumbag, especially one who won’t bury is own brother.

Finally, Trenton’s email is the culmination of the entire episode. It is honestly where this episode should have started, seeing as we didn’t need a full 45 minutes to tell us that Elliot is clinically depressed and wants to die. It’s going to be interesting to see what he does with this information and I honestly just feel like I’m back in the same place I was after last week’s episode because nothing has changed, except maybe Elliot’s outlook.

Sorry for the short, terse thoughts but I just didn’t like the episode as a whole and didn’t have too many thoughts on it. Hopefully next week picks up again.

Episode 7

Oh wait one more thing. Did that jacket not get burned? I thought for sure that homeless guy (that Elliot paid?) burned the jacket. Also, how did it end up right in front of his house? Was that some Dark Army shit that saved it or something? A really weird ending but Mr. Robot isn’t dead so that’s cool.