Brian Cashman announced this morning he has made his decision and will recommend a manager from the six interviews he has conducted in the his search for the next New York Yankees manager.

So we now have it down to six people, from originally a list of like 40… Let’s take a look at who it’s now down to, shall we?

Aaron Boone

Aaron Boone Next Yankees Manager

Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran Next Yankees Manager.jpg

Hensley Meulens

Hensley MeulensNext Yankees Manager

Rob Thomson

Rob Thomson Next Yankees Manager.jpg

Eric Wedge

Eric Wedge Yankees Manager.jpg

Chris Woodward

Chris Woodward Yankees Manager.jpg

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover… But I’ve never let anyone tell me what to do before, why start now? Right?

Basically what I am looking for here is whether I SEE the next Yankee manager when I look at these guys.

Eric Wedge UNDOUBTEDLY would have my favorite “look” of the bunch. A loose cannon with a handlebar mustache like that is obviously going to win my heart. It’d be insane to think otherwise. However, I don’t see the Yankees letting a guy that ever looked like┬áSer Davos Seaworth be their next manager…

Ser Davos Seaworth.jpg

…so, unfortunately for me, probably no Eric Wedge.

Aaron Boone is a true one-hit wonder in Yankees lure and so there is this glow about him none of the others really have. However, I just don’t like something about him. He seems to have a hidden agenda when I look at his face.

Chris Woodward I just don’t see getting hired for this spot at all. Too skinny or something. He just looks like a bitch.

Hensley Meulens on the other hand looks like he doesn’t take anything from anyone… A man of few words but when he speaks, you listen. However, given the alleged story that Girardi left because he wasn’t communicating well enough, I don’t think they go with a guy like that. Again, this is all based on looks, so yeah, we aren’t going with a poor guy’s Dusty Baker.

Rob Thomson already looks the part. He really does. I think he’s make a fine manager and we’d look like that classy organization with a guy who knows what he’s doing. I’d like to hear it’s Thomson.

And then there was one: Carlos Beltran. Honestly, he might be my favorite. He is a well respected guy in the league, he has that Bronx Hispanic look that none of the others can duplicate. He already has been a Yankee… I’m telling you, I think Beltran is my choice.

But I’m not sure what Cashman is thinking. All I know is you gotta trust a man who conducts press conferences right before going repelling in a New Jersey Devils hockey jersey… Which might go down in history and just the most outrageous thing of all time:

I am excited and nervous for whoever it is, but let me make this clear – whoever it is, is inheriting a World Series bound (in the next few years at least) team… Easiest job in sports.



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