The other day a group of kids came into work and were asking about what we do (what I do for a living will remain a mystery to everyone by the way).  They were asking about shit they were seeing and of course those snot-nosed kids weren’t content with the supplies we had.  One of them asked, “where is the 3D printer?”  I responded, “we don’t have one.”  Then they said “well how does a 3D printer work?

This stupid kid really put me in a tough spot because I have no fucking idea how a 3D printer works.  I mean seriously, the term print by definition is a 2D thing on a piece of paper or something.  Look it up.  That’s verbatim the definition.  My point is that a print-ER is something that leaves prints on paper.  If this machine that they call a “3D printer” is leaving three dimensional structures, then it should be called a “Structure Maker” or “Three Dimensional Model Creator” or something like that.  The term “3D printer” is misleading UNLESS it prints the thing on paper and the printer comes with those 3D glasses.

3d glasses

But no.  A quick google search tells me that this is what a 3D “printer” looks like:3d printer.jpg

THAT is not a fucking printer.  THIS is a printer:printer

Look, all I’m saying is that to call that piece of machinery up there a “printer” is false.  It’s not leaving a “print.”  It is building a structure.  Calling it a 3D “printer” is bullshit and if you disagree you’re a nerd.  I can concede the fact that a “print” can be three dimensional.  For example, a footprint is technically three dimensional.  What I’m saying is that the figurines that are being created by that 3D “printers” are NOT prints.

I would have no issue if they called that machine something else, perhaps even one of the names I suggested earlier in this blog.  However, it’s not.  So therefore I’d like to come out and officially proclaim myself anti-3D printer.  However, this is something I can get on board with:


Anyways, back to the kid.

I told him they were very “complex things that create three dimensional models of things.”  The kid inquired more and I just said I didn’t know and told him, “don’t ask questions you don’t know the answers to.”

Let that one sink in.