Merica Monday this week brought to you straight out of the University of Zona… Shoutout to Cerys for this absolute gem of a pic!! Go on and check out her page at itscerys and hit her with that follow… The likes will come naturally, trust me. Great follow.

This week we saw a (almost percfect?) National Anthem at MSG when the Rangers played the Hurricanes and 15-year old Gaten Matarazzo CRUSHED the anthem. I mean, the kid is 15, has performed on Broadway and stars in Stranger Things (the NEXT show I plan on crushing from start to finish)… For the record, when I was 15, I was dunking on a Fisher Price hoop and video taping it with the “Final Countdown” as the backdrop…


So check out Gaten’s anthem and get those Merica vibes flowin’ this week!!

God knows I’m no Rangers fan, but he crushed it. Gotta admit it.

Time to crush another week and THAT ^ was the only way to kick it off right… Let’s do this thing!!