It seemed like this week we got a good idea of who will be, and won’t be in the playoffs. And some are pretty big shockers honestly…

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Let’s get to it.

Cowboys 38, Redskins 14
Are the Cowboys back? No, but a good win over a division rival… I still hate them.

Patriots 23, Bills 3
In winning the Pats lost and in losing, Bills Mafia won. Gronk’s cheap shot was the story line as Bills fans continued their absolute dominance of fanhood.

Raiders 24, Giants 14
Geno’s first start as a New York Giant went as good as we could have hoped… Eli stayed healthy. The Giants season is a more of a disaster than a college bar’s bathroom that only has one toilet at around 2am Saturday.

Vikings 14, Falcons 9
Case Keenum’s Vikings are 10-2 and have won 8 straight… I wasn’t even under-estimated Minnesota, I wasn’t estimated them at all. I was wrong and I LOVE these guys.

49ers 15, Bears 14
Good to see the 49ers caught the Giants and since they own the tie-breaker are ruining their draft position. We New Yorkers are a #blessed fanbase!

Packers 26, Buccaneers 20
At 6-6, Green Bay needs a win next week before Aaron Rodgers even potentially could be back. But guys, a Green Bay team on a 5-game win streak and Rodgers back under center… That is a playoff team no one wants to see. Let’s go Cheeseheads!!

Titans 24, Texans 13
How Tennessee managed to be 8-4 with no one noticing is honestly MIND-BLOWING to me. However, it is worth noting that

Dolphins 35, Broncos 9
This has got to be a score that Denver’s front office and fans look back at and think – “did we really just let Miami score 35 points on us?” – and then absolutely clean house.

Jets 38, Chiefs 31
Watched this game start to finish. Alex Smith did everthing he could offensively to win this game… But things like Marcus Peters being hilarious are what make the Chiefs a trainwreck.

Jaguars 30, Colts 10
Jacksonville is the least scary 8-4 team ever, right? Like I don’t care if their are in the playoffs, anyone who meets them is ready for a win. Don’t @ me (just kidding, you can @ me).

Ravens 44, Lions 20
Are the Lions ever going to get over the hump? Like, ever?

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Chargers 19, Browns 10
Cleveland keeps its perfectly imperfect season in tact, and I was convinced a Phillip Rivers led team was just what the doctor ordered… On the bright side, Josh Gordon played his first game since 2014 and looked good!

Saints 31, Panthers 21
Lights. Action. Kamara.” Not sure how the Saints are making a running back by committee look so good, but they are. And with a vet QB like Brees not even being the guy you rely on anymore, this team is for real.

Rams 32, Cardinals 16
The Rams are 9-3… Let that sink in.

Seahawks 24, Eagles 10
Seahawks had this game locked up since Chris Pratt raised the “12th Man” flag before the ball was even kicked off… Philly never stood a chance and now the NFC #1 seed is up for grabs!

Boom. 535 quick ones. We did it.

Bring all this to the water cooler at work and flex all over Dan*.





* = Not sure if you work with a Dan, but I’d say odds are you do.