What is the point?

The team is 2-10 with ZERO hopes of playoffs. There is no reason to win. I get this is the knee-jerk reaction to the fan-base’s outrage, but this needs to be thought out very simply, WHY put Eli in??

Do we want to win these games and finish 6-10? Is that the goal? That would leave us a worse draft pick and make no sense… WE. ARE. OUT. OF. THE. PLAYOFFS. That is just the truth.

I get canning McAdoo if you believe he totally botched the Eli benching situation… But that doesn’t change the fact that Eli shouldn’t be playing anyway!

And it’s not even like the 210-game starting streak matters anymore! That reason for playing Eli was negated when we benched him last week!

This just makes us look like clowns.

Eli is still our future starting quarterback, at least for a few years… There  is no reason for him to play right now. Let him start his offseason, we’ll see him in August.

This is insanity.

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