I had a horrible drive to work this morning but probably not for the reasons you are thinking. I was about a third of the way to work and coming down this street, there were two dogs just wandering around at this intersection (they legit looked like the dogs in the featured image). Two big beautiful lab-type dogs just looking as happy as can be but also in the other lane of this road. I wouldn’t call it a busy road, per se, but it is definitely a main avenue for getting over the hill from one town to the other (which most people do for work). And guess what. I DIDN’T FUCKING STOP TO HELP THESE POOR THINGS.

I feel just awful. I mean one of the dogs came within like 5 feet of my car while I was stopped at the intersection and I just proceeded to slowly turn left. What kind of monster am I?! I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the drive to work. I would find myself snapping back to reality after like 3 minutes of time just thinking about what I could have done. I couldn’t even focus on my podcasts because I was so distraught. I considered turning around but who knows if they would have even been there by that time.

I tried to justify it by saying things likes, “what would I have done anyway?” or “I had to get to work” but it just doesn’t help. I could have looked at their tags and called their owners and let’s be honest, I can be late to work. Hell, if anyone had a problem, I could tell them I was rescuing two fucking dogs.

Goddammit. If I find out that one of those dogs got hit by a car, I don’t think I can live with myself. This isn’t even hyperbole, I legitimately feel awful about this entire situation and if I could go back in time, I would absolutely stop to help these pups.

So what I’m asking of you is very simple. As penance, please berate me on Twitter or in the comments for being such a piece of shit. I need to know that my confession didn’t fall on deaf ears. And if you ever see two dogs looking confused in the middle of the road, don’t be like me. Stop and help those good boys/girls.