**WARNING: This post is extremely insensitive. I’m sorry, I’m not sorry… But also, before you get triggered and bitch… There’s kinda a point at the end, PLUS I just need to get some of this off my chest.**

Alright, let’s talk about a HOT topic shall we? THE FUCKING CALIFORNIA WILD FIRES (not sure if it gets any hotter honestly)!!

I saw a video today that was basically a busy highway with cars ALL OVER it, and just off to the right is a raging forest fire… Kinda like this:

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many questions go through my head at this point.

#1) Why are you not taking another route where you’re going? There’s a RAGING INFERNO right next to you? Take a back-road, take a local highway, WHATEVER… I get that this has become common place in Cali over the years, but Jesus, this just feels retarded!!

#2) Anyone else feels it’s crazy ironic that the tree-hugging libs of Cali have a forest fire that burns like a billion trees, the only things that keep us living on this Earth giving us fucking oxygen? They will chain themselves to one tree to keep it from being fucking bull-dozed, but a raging forest fire everyone just continues driving to work like it’s “business as usual“? WHAT THE LITERAL HELL!! Save the Goddamn trees that are burning all around you! Stop saving the ONE 200-year old oak tree you chained yourself to, and save the million acres that I’m sure do a hell of a lot more for the air than one tree does (no, I’m not a fucking tree scientist… so I could be wrong there).

#3) Just, why do people keep living in California? It’s a desert basically, right? So naturally trees would die and catch on fire – it’s too damn dry for them! So they’re choosing to live in a place like this? And isn’t it supposed to fall in the ocean or something one day? Move legitimately anywhere else. Let a desert be a desert (don’t even get me started on Vegas), and waste away.

I don’t know guys. I heard 43 people died in these fires (and maybe that’s ridiculously off) and yes… That is pretty messed up. And maybe I just don’t “get” Cali, or the West Coast at all… To me it’s a bunch of hippies that have let more trees, not just die but BURN, and put smoke in the air, than any Red state who “hate the environment“. But hey, maybe I’m wrong.

Facial LaFleur, TOTAL FACIAL!!

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East Coast Biased? Nah!