A show that I didn’t even care about AT ALL until this year has absolutely broken my heart.

Sophie Turner (aka the actress who plays Sansa) revealed to Variety Wednesday that Thrones Season 8 started filming this October and likely won’t be come out until 2019…


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That’s a full fucking calendar year away! That’s TWO Christmas’s away! TWO New Years!!

I’m going to go to bed for potentially MORE than 400 nights, having no clue whether the White Walkers and their newly acquired dragon are going to run train on everyone for the entire eighth season! We won’t know if Jon Snow knocked Khaleesi up (of course he did, that dude’s swimmers could probably beat the 2008 USA Olympic relay)!! We won’t know if Cersei is just going to go back on her word (she will) or what…

Guys, honestly, I watched all of Season 7 before watching the first six… Was that a dumb move? Maybe. But I recently finished watching Seasons 1 through 6, and the news that I won’t see the final season until TWO THOUSAND NINETEEN is just the worst kick to the nuts I’ve felt in years.

nuts kicking repeatedly GIF by Cheezburger

I just feel like I finally had something and it got taken away from me… Sad!