Shoutout to Lindsey from the (#3… nbd) University of Georgia for this week’s Merica Monday photo… I LOVE IT – shelling out some warmer weather vibes (and helping me pretend I didn’t shovel at 8am this morning)!!

Go on and follow Lindsey at liindseygeorgeย and fire some โค’s her way. Maybe comment on her photo’s and tell her that “WCS Miller says ‘sup?'” Actually, definitely do the comment thing – let’s make that happen!

This week for Merica Monday, we have maybe the greatest National Anthem I’ve ever seen! This was the Army-Navy Anthem from Saturday… Let’s go.

Honestly, that felt like an AWESOME Christmas song you only hear like once a year at Christmas mass. That was sick. Shoutout to those guys!

Not a better way to start your Mondays than to get those Merica vibes flowin’ – now let’s go out and get it!!



Merica – Love it or Leave It,



**ALSO: Prayers up to everyone at Port Authority this morning, from victims to the first responders – this was some scary screwed up news to wake up to. As a commuter to the city, I understand how fucking real this sort of thing could be, and everyone involved, we are thinking of you here at WCS.**