Sorry I’m late on this one again. Had a busy couple of days at work last week so I’m just getting around to writing this now. But I’m back and so is Elliot Alderson. There are no better episodes in this show than when Elliot has a master plan and every single thing he does fits in with that plan. At times you think, “fuck, this isn’t going to work” or “what the hell is he doing?” but in the end, it all works out beautifully.

I really liked the beginning of the episode with the flashback to E-Corp’s meeting with AllSafe. Got to see some long forgotten people like Gideon and the old CTO guy who I forgot was a horrific asshole to every human being he came in contact with. It was also interesting to see Price lock on to Angela immediately like he knew he would have use for her in the future. And then the Tyrell-Price dynamic was just perfect–Tyrell is just a nobody trying to do what he thinks is best for the company while his boss is knowingly sabotaging the whole thing even though later Tyrell will also knowingly sabotage the whole thing just to stick it to Price. All just very ironic but cool to see.

The Mr. Robot/Tyrell confrontation did not disappoint and let me be clear, Tyrell would have fucking murdered the shit out of Elliot if Price didn’t come knocking on the door. Probably not the smartest move by Mr. Robot to bring up Tyrell’s dead wife seeing as Elliot doesn’t exactly have the stature to match up with Tyrell in hand to hand combat. But luckily Price comes in, confirms Mr. Robot’s claims that the Dark Army is just using Tyrell, and Mr. Robot and Tyrell are back in business together as Tyrell spills that Santiago is dirty.

Speaking of the FBI, the entire Darlene/Dom thing was just absurd. At first, I was all about Darlene trying to steal the badge with her little tech thing that apparently doesn’t work. But then when she went with the whole seduction angle, she lost me. There is no fucking shot that Dom, who is 100% committed to her job and the rules, is just going to leave her gun and badge out for you to steal. Plus, you already know she can’t sleep since she tells everyone whenever she can so trying to sneak into her safe (which I’m not sure how she did) is a dumbass move too.

Oh and to make matters even worse, Goddamn Darlene spills about getting on to Sentinel to undo to hack so now Santiago knows about everything. Bitch, Elliot told you that you can’t tell the FBI and the first thing you do when you get nabbed is to tell the FBI. I hate Darlene so much. Just give me Elliot/Mr. Robot running their missions solo and everything will be fine.

We also get to see ya boy Irving again, this time at his day job test driving a car with a potential customer. However, in a twist of fate, he actually isn’t the one in charge here as Elliot hacks the car, gets in, and tells him to set a meeting with Whiterose. I will say, ya boy Irving kept his cool pretty well considering Elliot just lost him a customer and made him seem super shady to this random person. I probably would have freaked the fuck out once the lady left the car but then again, I’m not a fucking boss like ya boy Irving.

Elliot gets his meeting (and cool ass Leon comes back into play–laugh out loud funny whenever he is on screen) but instead of Whiterose, it’s his boring sidekick dude who promptly steals Elliot’s files for “Stage 3” and sends him on his way. What I don’t get is that if they’re done with Elliot and he was truly just a pawn, why don’t they kill him? Instead, he’s going to fuck them up six ways to Sunday. To be clear, I don’t want Elliot to die, I just think the Dark Army is being awfully careless right now.

We end the episode with finding out exactly how Elliot is going to fuck the Dark Army. He now has access to all of their systems (obviously because he isn’t just going to give up his precious laptop willy nilly) and I can’t even imagine what cool hacking shit he’s going to do. Whiterose and her sidekick/lover discuss the delay of moving to the Congo and then turn their focus to Elliot. Okay yeah now they decide they want to kill him. Hand up, I forgot about that part but still they should have done that BEFORE they let him have access to their entire system. Also a weird move that Whiterose trusts this guy implicitly now but as we find out, they are in some kind of relationship that I find extremely weird but won’t comment on because it’s 2017 and #loveislove.

I’m very excited for next week’s (aka this week’s) season finale. With Elliot and Mr. Robot on the same page and the Dark Army now hunting them, I think we are going to get an action packed episode that won’t disappoint. But if it does, I’ll be right back here to tell you about it.

Episode 8