Last night’s Lakers-Knicks game was one of the better basketball games I have watched in a long time. You saw stars being stars, you saw some young guns get their moment, and you saw (my personal favorite) over-achievers get their time to shine. It was everything I could want in a game and you could tell, the storied franchises at the Garden created one hell of a buzz.

We’ll begin with the star – New York’s unicorn – Kristaps Porzingis. He rose to the occasion in a tight game giving the Knicks 37 points, 11 rebounds and 5 blocks, and more importantly became the “go-to” guy in the clutch (a role in his previous years another star had solely managed) and looked pretty darn comfortable.

I’d say one of the things that excited me most was that he actually missed the game winner at the end of regulation, BUT didn’t let that slow him down. He scored the final four points for New York to finish off the game.

Our unicorn is flourishing in his role as #1, and I love every second of it.

Frank Ntlikina, aka the French Prince, is who I wanted to talk about when I referenced our young gun getting their moment. Frank was playing well late in the game, hitting three straight shots with about 5 to go (including like a 40 foot 3-pointer), so Hornacek kept him in and the rook did not disappoint.

Getting these minutes late in close games has got to be so huge for his development and lucky for us, not only is he learning – he’s playing great. He sees the court well, makes really nice passes (that I am certainly not accustomed to as a Knicks fan). It was great seeing our young stud go up against this young talented Lakers squad and hold his own.

And lastly, the “Goat in New York” – Michael Beasley! Beas was legitimately scoring AT WILL last night, bullying his defender and just straight up getting buckets. I understand he is a tad bit one dimensional – but at the time, our team needed offense and he gave it to us. It was awesome.

Beasley came onto this team and I didn’t know what to think of him, besides he seemed to be DELUSIONAL about our direction… Turns out, I was the idiot and he knew there was something here.

Michael Beasley IS the Goat in New York.

Turns out this 2017-18 campaign is just going to be an extremely fun ride that may or may not end up in a playoff birth.

If it is, DILLY DILLY to us… If it isn’t, at least we’re seeing signs of life in these guys – and Lord knows after the last few years, we Knicks fans needed this.



All I Want for Knicksmas is W’s,