So, I caught wind of this earlier…

…and got sucked into the whole “Dennis Rodman & North Korea” internet black hole (again).

Here’s the summary this time: Dennis Rodman suggested the United States and North Korea play an exhibition basketball game, but instead of any of our REAL stars, it’d be guys from Guam… And because no one wants to go to Korea, it’d conveniently take place in a third party place – like China!

First off, for one of the weirdest guys on the planet, who was like wearing wedding dresses RIGHT after his playing days were over, to have any sort of international influence is bananas to me…

But whatever, he seems to have exiled himself to North Korea and befriended their maniac of a leader.

Good. Great. WONDERFUL!!

Just two crazy guys living out their days together like a modern day Noah & Allie… Except instead of Allie getting dementia, she wants to blow up the world, and Noah is trying to convince her to watch a basketball game instead.

ryan gosling noah calhoun GIF

(P.S. Could you imagine that ^ is how Rodman & Kim look at each other? UGH!!)

I feel like every time Kim Jong Un is getting ornery and/or trigger happy, Rodman just wheels out another shiny toy/idea and the Rocketman just plays with that for a while til he’s bored… Then it’s time for Rodman to come up with something new! He’s like a full-time single parent… WOOF!!

The more I think about it, sure, Dennis Rodman lived his whole life as a crazy person, but also has kept us from World War III – a job that honestly, no one else on Earth probably would have wanted to do!

So shout-out to Rodman here, for really just suggesting a meaningless international friendly between the US (actually Guam) and North Korea, and buying humanity a couple more days on this beautiful Earth!!