JR Smith was shipped out of town a few years back and since has played in the Finals like, I dunno – EVERY YEAR?

But when he was in New York, he was a favorite of mine. Once a Knick, always a Knick.

He was just a simple baller who shot his shot (whenever he could). He was red hot in 2012-13 and the world loved him, but then went cold the following year and was cast out as a leper.

But my love never faded. I loved Earl Smith III then, and I love him now.

So yes, I still follow the Cavs wild card on social media and damn near blew a gasket when I saw THIS come out, just in time for the Christmas season:

JR Smith Ugly Sweater ELECTRIC.png


I’m sure we all remember his famous tattoo t-shirt (literally no one will remember this), but he has been firing out GOLD apparel on this site FreshlyBrewedTees.com that he partnered with after the success of that tattoo shirt.

Allow me to showcase the Top 3 (besides the above GOLD)…

#3) “United States of Swish” is a pretty great line, shoutout to Saint Anthony’s Prep in jersey city for molding this young man’s creative mind.

#2) I know this is for Iman Shumpert, not JR , but this is too good. If you are a Cleveland sports fan and you DON’T own all this apparel, you’re an idiot.

#1) A little subtle troll job to Kyrie and I LOVE it. Irving left Cleveland on, well, maybe not the best terms… Might as well give him a solid “good riddance“!!

To me, JR Smith has simply partnered with Fresh Brewed Tees and all his hilarious brain children are now out there for the world to see… I say we support the cause and one day, all of America can be wearing the stylistic genius from the one and only JR Smith.

jr smith nba GIF



Merry Swishmas!!