Every Christmas season, Home Alone 3 gets brought up in some way or another and its name is dragged through the mud. “Alex D. Linz is no Macaulay Caulkin!” “These international terrorists aren’t as funny as the Wet Bandits!” “Why do movie companies ruin my childhood?!” Well ya know what, I’m here to say it once and for all: Home Alone 3 is NAWT BAD!

I get that it is frustrating when Hollywood wants to ride the coattails of an already successful franchise so they keep pushing out sequels long after the originals premiered and the star actor is some weird guy that plays in a band about pizza. Which is why┬áI’ve said for a while now that if you remove Home Alone 3 from the Home Alone franchise and the shadow of Kevin McCallister, it’s actually a pretty good movie. If the movie was called something like “Sick Day” or “Alone at Home” (I’m not good at creating movie titles), I think people would feel very differently about this movie.

For some reason, my parents got us this movie when we were kids (probably because its a kids movie) and my siblings and I watched the shit out of it. So much so that my brother and I still quote the movie to this day. Granted, nobody but us knows what the fuck we’re talking about when we say, “she’s very old and very cold” and laugh but that’s the way most things go with us anyway so its fine. But just think about it–a kid is home sick from school, he got a baller remote control car as a gift (I was a HUGE remote control car kid by the way), international terrorists try to break into his house to steal it because it has some computer chip in it, he foils the robbers. Great movie! The only hang up people have with it is that it is called Home Alone and doesn’t have the McCallister family.

And ya know what? Shame on Hollywood for that because this movie truly doesn’t fit the Home Alone mold. Home Alone is about neglectful parents around Christmas who don’t realize what they have until its gone. This kid was just home sick! He wasn’t forgotten about or neglected. It just isn’t a Home Alone movie if the parents don’t feel like shit at the end.

Anyway, give it a watch. I have no idea if its aged well since I haven’t watched it in probably 15 years but I have fond, fond memories of that film and don’t like that it gets a bad rap all because of the fact that it lives in the shadow of a wildly successful and rightfully praised franchise.

P.S. People forget that ScarJo was in that movie. Weird.


P.P.S. FUCK Home Alone 4. Rich Kevin McCallister is #notmykevinmcallister