Dang. That was pretty good stuff. Not my favorite episode ever, but a relatively good finale that advanced the plot and had a shit ton of action. Let’s dive right in.

Mr. Robot and Elliot are finally on the same team! Wooooo! This has been teased ever since Mr. Robot helped Elliot foil the plan to blow up the E-Corp recovery center but we really hadn’t seen them work together since then. We also had not seen them exist together since last season. But then Mr. Robot and Elliot ride the Ferris Wheel together and agree to team up. I don’t know about you, but I find this to be fucking awesome. They are both badass people in their own way so having them team up can only mean good things (hopefully).

Santiago also gets exposed like a punk ass bitch and while they never fully reveal what they have over him, I’m pretty sure it has to do with his mom’s medical situation I mentioned a few episodes back. Anyway, he fuckin smokes Dom in the face in the middle of an FBI parking garage FULL of cameras so I’m not too sure how he planned to get out of that one. Let’s go back to that punch really quick. Wow. Just a one and done, eh? Dom’s got a chin softer than Geno Smith’s, amiright? Be better Dom.

We finally get the triumphant return of ya boy Irving. Yeah we had seen him here and there the past few episodes, but nothing like his old self. And then boom, he’s waxing poetic about the book on tape he has. I got giddy when I heard his calm, “I don’t give a fuck” voice. And pretty interesting what he says about that book and storyline structure–stories can have “a mediocre beginning, middle–an often times do–but always gotta have a wow ending otherwise, what’s the point?” Perhaps getting a little meta there? Maybe saying that his season’s beginning and middle were mediocre but the ending is going to be great? I don’t know if I agree with that (or if that was even the point) because I thought this season was pretty good overall. I definitely think it was a nod to the fact that there was going to some action in the final episode.

The climax of the episode definitely comes at the old barn, previously the home of Tyrell Wellick for a few months. Most of the major characters are now in one place and most of them are the best characters on the show–ya boy Irving, Elliot, Mr. Robot, Leon, Santiago. Darlene and Dom can kick rocks. Now, I knew they weren’t going to kill Dom but I’ll tell ya what, I didn’t see them killing Santiago. I guess I should have because there’s no way they kill ya boy Irving and someone in that scene has to die. But damn, could there be a more shocking death than getting an axe through the chest? Also, don’t want to toot my own horn but I DID say that that axe would come back into play. Granted, I thought it would be Tyrell using it, but whatever.

And fucking Dom. Santiago is trying to save your fucking life and you can’t even play along? Just be like “yeah sure I’ll do whatever you say” and live! Even while ya boy Irving is chopping into Santiago, she’s like “nah I won’t flip.” Gotta be the biggest idiot move of all time. Now your family is threatened and you HAVE to work for them. Sidenote: kinda showed the VERY aggressive side of ya boy Irving. Definitely was jarring and boy has he got come cannons on him, but I do prefer my less emotional, dry wit Irving a lot more.

Then we get #2 coming up the road. I don’t know his name but he’s Whiterose’s lover and #2 in command–or so we think. I laughed out loud when ya boy Irving just told him he was going on sabbatical. But then we find out that ya boy Irving used to be #2! So does that make ya boy Irving the real #2? It would seem so since the Asian #2 just backed down with his tail between his legs. I need an Irving origin story spinoff and I needed it yesterday.

Alright so the big confrontation in the barn happens and, of course, Leon steps up big to save everyone. Yeah, I know he has orders from Whiterose but I like to think he did it because he genuinely likes Elliot aka “cuz”. Anyway, Asian #2 kills himself like a school boy bitch because Whiterose don’t care about him anymore and everyone is good to go.

Oh and then there’s the fucking Angela scene. You thought Mr. Robot was going to be immune from the Star Wars craze sweeping the nation? NOPE! Price goes full Vader and pulls the “I am your father” schtick on Angela. Pretty big reveal there, but also meh. So what? Gives us some backstory into why he cared for her so much but on a larger scale, it doesn’t matter much. Also, Angela is a moron for believing Whiterose could bring her mom back to life. Grow up.

The rest of the episode was really just coming down from the high of the barn scene. Elliot gets on Sentinel, finds out that it was Mr. Robot who exported the keys, has a heartwarming chat with him, and undoes the hack. The one big reveal here was that Elliot jumped out his window as a kid, his dad didn’t push him. That was one of the main things we had against Mr. Robot and now we find out that it was just Elliot being Elliot. I think this paves the way for Elliot to really trust Mr. Robot going forward since he knows that he isn’t evil and does, in fact, have a part of Elliot inside him.

The post credits scene was weird. I really didn’t need three minutes of Darlene walking down the street with a hooker. The point of the scene was the four dudes that roll up on Elliot’s apartment so why not just focus on that? The main guy was that drug dealer that Elliot got arrested in Season 1 only to hack to prison and free him while his close friend-who-is-a-girl (not girlfriend, right?) got killed. Who knows why this dude is back but he’s a baaaaaad mothafucka so we’ll see where this goes.

Alright that about wraps it up. I thought the season as a whole was pretty good and the finale was a little above average. Hopefully you enjoyed reading these recaps/thoughts on each episode. I might do it again, I might not. Who knows.