Today’s daily commute was just like any other (actually not at all, Big Fudge’s car didn’t start so I had to go in a little earlier than usual – aka catch the 8:30am train instead of the 9:10am #ThanksFudge – and drive his ass to the train, so I guess it was a little out of the ordinary). But for the most part, as I boarded the train, it was a day like any other.

So what does that hour and 15 minute commute usually consist of?

Great question! Typically, the drive to the train is sports talk radio, maybe a little country radio before getting to the train. The train ride is purely podcasts and scrolling social media’s – which for me is both my personal account and Water Cooler Sports Instagram’s, Twitter(s), etc.

Anyways, I’m scrolling through Twitter and I see a tweet from one of our former Merica Monday girls Zoe (who btw was on MTV’s Are You the One? so she’s basically a mega-star now… Not saying it was Merica Monday that did it, but… couldn’t have hurt. Wow, alright, let’s get back on topic here…).

So here was the tweet:


And like, how is this not a more highly talked about thing?

Like, I went to look it up and see if there was an actual phenomenon surrounding this sensation, but when you Google “something in your nose” – the only thing that shows up is stuff about idiot kids getting stuff stuck in their noses… which IS hilarious, but not what I was looking for here.

Working in the city, I am subject to too many places that are overly crowded ALL THE TIME, and what comes with that?  That haunting thought of “Shit, do I have a boogie hangin’ from my nose right now?!

You give it the classic “check” of rubbing your nose (that honestly probably just makes people think you did some blow and want to make sure there’s no remnants). But honestly, the “check” happens like ALL THE TIME guys!!

Right? RIGHT?!

I’m glad our girl Zoe said something because truthfully, I’ve had that thought with ZERO clue if anyone else shares the feeling.

And to build off that, I think the gesture of when someone ELSE has a hanger, and you go to signal to them by rubbing your nose… Like, come on. Let’s just all agree to make it more commonplace that that shit happens and it’s OKAY to say it so we don’t all just have weird awkward moments of rubbing our noses like morons.


michael jordan agree GIF



Solving 2017’s Problems for a Better 2018,



P.S. The writing of this post only made this problem worse and I checked for hangers like 1000 times. Great.