Listen, there is NO DOUBT growing up Kobe was an idol of mine. He was so clutch, he had that killer instinct and honestly he was just the most talented player I had ever seen*.

Growing up playing ball as a guard (at 5’9″ surprisingly I wasn’t playing center) it was awesome to idolize him. Kobe was so smooth creating shots for himself and he never did so by to out muscling anyone. He just creatively used his basketball talent and THAT is what impressed me. Sure he worked hard at his craft – people even said he was a maniac that way – and so (despite that one time in Colorado), he was quite the pro to look up to.

So yeah, last night’s jersey retirement was a big deal to me. That being said, I was BLOWN AWAY by a totally unrelated topic…

Jeanie Buss is 56, and Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson were a “thing” until like a year ago… I had NO idea THIS is what Jeanie Buss looks like:

Jeanie Buss Kobe Retirement.jpg


That ^ chick #1 is FIFTY SIX?!?! And putting that aside, used to date THIS…

Phil Jackson Sleeping Knicks.jpg

Honestly, I was looking through pictures of their relationship, and the below picture from their engagement night came up:

Jeanie Buss Phil Jackson Engagement.jpg

(Needless to say, time has done WONDERS to Jeanie buss)


Bid Daddy Sid.jpg


I know last night was supposed to be all about Kobe and his unbelievable career with the Lakers, but Jeanie Buss stole the show for me looking like she’s auditing in LA for a certain schoolgirl position in a nearby amateur film…

Jeanie Buss Kobe Bryant WOW.jpg

Electric. The Lakers franchise will NEVER cease to amaze me.






* =¬†Btw, and this may be a rant for another day, but there are so many people out there my age or younger, who say Jordan was the GOAT and he was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than LeBron/Kobe, but guys – you didn’t see them play live. You watched highlights, probably their famous games… But you didn’t see the entire body of work, so maybe open your mind a little and at least preface your statements with “I wasn’t alive to see him in his prime, BUT…” before saying MJ was the GOAT so I, and anyone else listening, can immediately discount what follows… Deal? Deal.