In an interview with TMZ about addiction, Daryl Strawberry reveals that at times his sex addition was so bad (or phenomenal depending on how you look at it) that he would go into the clubhouse BETWEEN INNINGS and mix in a little quickie.

It was pretty crazy… I would go between innings, and stuff like that and run back and have a little party going on.

Pretty crazy? PRETTY CRAZY?!


I remember my first gameat the new Yankee Stadium like 7 years ago meeting Straw and I knew NOTHING about these “troubles“… I wish I could go back in time honestly and pick his brain, because this stuff is bananas.

But I really want to put this all in prospective for everyone…

Nowadays there is a 2:30 break in between innings… I want you to imagine the logistics here. That’s 150 seconds.

150 seconds to run off the field (Straw played outfield), get into the lockerroom, get your pants off, be “ready” (aka have a boner), have sex, clean it up, put your pants back on, and then buckle it up and be ready for the game to resume.

Now, yes, I suppose in some circumstances he could’ve ended the previous inning as the last out, so maybe at times he’d have longer to dilly dally.

But my word, that is A LOT to do in a little amount of time, no?

Honestly, I’m sure he’s embarrassed by it all, but Straw, you shouldn’t be, I think I speak for everyone when I say, I’m impressed!!

scarlett johansson wow GIF

So cheers to you tonight Daryl… You are an inspiration to us all!!



Get It In While You Can,