If you’re looking for a well-written, informational blog with breakdowns of statistics and play-by-play analysis, you’re in the wrong place. This is 100% just an outlet for me to celebrate and go crazy about the Bills after 17 fucking years.

17 years. That’s a long ass time. I’m not going to do a whole “here’s what shit was like in 1999” because either you were alive and you remember 1999 or you weren’t–either one illustrates how long ago that was. I remember the Bills being in the playoffs, and while I wasn’t super well-versed in the nuances of football yet, I remember watching the Music City Miracle and seeing my dad’s reaction.

Since then, I’ve had to listen to every dickhead talk about that fucking forward pass like it was just a lateral when clearly it wasn’t. People like Ketch constantly mocking the Bills and how Frank Wycheck is his hero and blah blah blah. Well to all the haters who said this day would never come, go fuck yourself because it’s here!

Someone asked me what my level of disappointment will be if the Bills lose in the first round and the answer is zero. We’re playing with house money at this point–all that matters is that the drought is over and the Bills are headed back to the playoffs. (Sidenote: I do think they have a chance to beat the Jags, but I’m not going to go into that).

The entire theme of this season for the Bills has been about them being a team of misfits who is always counted out. Even watching the pre-game shows on Sunday, the only scenarios being discussed were the Raven, Titans, or Chargers making it into the playoffs. They mentioned the Bills once and pretty much chuckled at the idea. Good. Keep counting us out. Keep saying this team can’t do it. Keep mocking the franchise. Because no matter what, I’ll keep #billieving.

PS if you haven’t heard this story about Bills fans donating a shitload of money to Andy Dalton’s charity, go check it out. Pretty cool stuff.