Okay guys, this is a BRAND NEW 2018 segment, new category of posts (where Producer Tim will be featured A LOT).

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Okay, so what’s the topic about today?? “POTTY TALK“!!

I know what you’re thinking and, no, this won’t be me just cursing wildly and profanely… We are literally going to be talking about bathrooms you go potty in. Hence the name: “POTTY TALK.

Here’s where it’s all coming from – the WCS HQ is a seemingly never ending construction project¬†blank canvas that will constantly need work, so I figure, let’s parlay this into some golden content, PLUS we are already in the middle of Project #1 (at least for this segment “Building Stuff”). What we got is the challenge of making a really fucking small bathroom from what currently is a pantry. The pantry is 39″ by 55″ with the 55″ being the wall the door is on. We’re pretty sure none of it is insulate, and we really can’t bump it out one way or another.

Here’s the big concern…

I’m not a particularly BIG guy per se, I feel like I can fit in tight spaces, maybe poop there too even and have no issue… But how small is TOO small for a poop station for normal people?

Guys (this is to guys only here because girls don’t poop), they say the minimum is 30″ from the center of the toilet for your shoulders… Now, you might not be able to picture that, but that is pretty fucking tight. I mean, I know personally I like to have some elbow room for proper wiping and such, so I imagine a bigger, less nimble person (i.e. a larger man) would need some more room to operate.

So the solution we came up with is that we center the toilet on the short wall, giving 39″ from the center. That is PLENTY of space. Dare I say you can even fit a basket next to the toilet to keep all your nudie magazines toiletry essentials like TP or maybe even an air freshener… I dunno what goes in those baskets, but you get the idea.

The problem with putting the toiler sticking OFF that wall is that we now are extremely tight (omg it’s so tight)… The toilet juts out 27″, the entire room is only 55″, leaving just 28″ for room to stand up, AND a sink.

(That’s legit ALL this room has to be – a fucking toilet and a sink and it STILL seems too small)

Now, most sinks we’ve seen stick out like 17 inches, so we’re looking at 10″ between the toilet edge and the sink… Which is INSANE.

Now, I had heard a story from a friend that in their bathroom (similar layout with about 15 more inches on the long wall), that they almost smack their head on the sink when they stand up from the toilet.

Image result for what gif

First, not sure how exactly he was EXPLODING up from the toilet that he’d be hitting his head, but we can move past that.

We’re problem solvers here at “Building Stuff”¬† so hear us out… A corner sink!

The toilet is centered, yes. But if the sink is off to the side, our friend – let’s call him “Jack” – won’t smack his head on the toilet while getting up from the toilet (unless Jack gets up and whips his head around like a lunatic).

hair toss GIF by Originals

So here we are, two men with a plan to successfully make a kitchen pantry into the world’s tightest (oh fuck yeah) half bathroom.

In all seriousness, if you have any suggestions on how to do this – we’re all ears. But also just know that we are going to do whatever we want because we’re land-owning white males and history has proven we can really never get it wrong… So unless you’re one of those, your advice may fall on (selectively) deaf ears.

Okay, so that is basically it for “Building Stuff” Potty Talk. Was it great? Maybe. Will it be back? Yes.



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