Here is the link to this “bomb shell” ESPN dropped about the trouble in paradise in Foxboro.

Here at Water Cooler Sports, we pride ourselves on being for the average guy, so as an average guy I wanted to tell you that this article is too fucking long.  Yes, I would imagine if you are a Patriots hater, or a diehard Patriots fan then you’d want to read every word to either get off, or get angry.  However if you’re like me and are pretty neutral on the Pats then I recommend passing on this article.

Honestly, just go to Barstool and read their synopsis’ of the ESPN article.  By all accounts it is basically just a culmination of every mini story that came out over the course of this year.  These mini-stories include:

  • Belichick not liking Alex Guerrero
  • Tom Brady wanting the Pats to trade Jimmy G
  • Brady getting frustrated for not getting credit

It’s nothing that hasn’t been reported before, it’s just all concentrated in one spot with a bunch of fancy words.  Look, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Belichick doesn’t like Alex Guerrero.  All Belichick cares about is football.  Guerrero, however, is bringing attention to non-football things in the Patriots’ locker room.  Think of it this way:  I love sleeping.  When I’m fast asleep, cuddled with my dog, curled up in blankets, I’m happy.  However, when some asshole comes in and wakes me up, I get pissed.  Belichick is like me sleeping and the asshole waking me up is like Guerrero.

Now let’s move to Jimmy G.  Maybe Brady wanted him gone, maybe he didn’t.  However, I’d like to think the notion of Brady bursting in to Bob Kraft’s office kicking and screaming and telling him that it was either him or Jimmy is likely hugely exaggerated.  Could it have been a conversation where Brady said he’d like to be around for a few more years and then someone in that meeting, let’s call him Bill Belichick, may have said something along the lines of “Well Jimmy is looking good and we can’t keep him on the bench forever…” and they went from there?  Probably.  Maybe.  I don’t know.

Basically what I’m saying is that the information in this article is just a bunch of regurgitated information that was already out there or being rumored about.  ESPN, for whatever reason likes to stir up controversy, especially when it comes to the Patriots.  What I don’t get is why they did this.  There are plenty of other storylines this post-season.

Maybe instead of being an cynical asshole and writing a hit-piece on one of the most successful franchises in professional sports over the past twenty years, write a story on how the Buffalo Bills and their loyal fans finally broke their streak and made the playoffs.  How about the Jags?  Maybe talk about how Jags, a team that hasn’t won more than FIVE games since 2010 won their division.  Or what about Case Keenum and Jared Goff who were a punchlines a year ago now being the quarterbacks of the two and three seed in the NFC respectively?  Or what about the absolutely wild NFC South?

Way to take away the luster of Wild Card weekend, ESPN.  Good work.  Some teams that don’t normally get the spot light were finally going to be seen around the nation, but what will everyone be talking about?  The Patriots alleged dysfunction.

Oh yeah and you know what’s a good idea?  Give the Pats bulletin board material.  That never motivates them or anything.