New Year’s is always a good chance to kinda take a long look in the mirror and realize what a piece of human garbage you are come up with things that you’d like to improve on. Maybe kick a bad habit, eat healthier, work out more, travel more, settle down, WHATEVER… It seems like this one point in the year, everyone has this magical “reset” button to put the past behind them and start fresh.

Now, if you have followed along with most of the happenings here at Water Cooler Sports, you may know we’ve expanded and contracted A LOT over the last year. Writers come and go faster than Rick Pitino but hey, we adapt!

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Our culture really hasn’t changed in the grand scheme of things… (With the exception of the last couple weeks) I basically fire-bomb the website with posts Monday through Friday, Ketch & Junior tend to toss about one a day up there, and even Miller will pop his beautiful face in every so often to let us know his Georgia Bulldogs are still alive (congrats again btw buddy – Go Dawgs)!!

Our podcast game has slowed down a bit no doubt. Originally, we used to have two “competing” podcasts – In My Face?! and Keeping Score at Home each run by a pair of retards writers; then at one point Slick Willy ran the podcast realm with his Coffee Talk series, and now we have one, run by Ketch – the After School Special (which really is great btw), but in keeping with its “Teacher” theme, that is currently on winter break. However, it’s been discussed that a Bachelor themed podcast may be on its way, which would be LIT because Arie is this silver fox just trolling 20-somethings and it’s awesome.

We also have experienced some GREAT videos that we produced and edited in house (sick brag), like Ragu’s weekly Sunday Hangover Cure (which was wild that they were made IN Barcelona), to the brilliance of things like the Blind Light Beer Taste Test, or Taylor’s NFL combine.

And then we had events, like BeerFest back in April, and the WCS Open in July… Both smashing successes, one that even raised almost a thousand dollars for charity (nbd).

On social media, we have an extremely loyal – albeit small – Facebook following, a decent Instagram account and Twitter accounts for almost all of our writers. I’m pretty proud of the Facebook and Instagrams specifically because those didn’t even exist in 2016… So, YEAH, shoutout to us on that.

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We even started making and selling apparel (though that’s more a company promotion effort than a money making scheme) and even bought ourselves a trademark… Making the sky the EFFING limit for how much this company could be worth (eyes emoji @ WarrenBuffet).

But back to the whole “new year, new us” thing… What are our New Years’ resolutions? How are we going to continue this meteoric rise?

I know I am guilty of writing posts just to say we posted something for the day. I do. In fact I do it A LOT. I’m going to try to be better at this one. Go for quality over quantity… Although shooters shoot, so many I can just keep hurling up shots JR Smith style. After all, that IS how we discovered Kirstin Cutts!

NEED this one to happen. I’m talking about finally getting that Cribs episode of the WCS HQ going. I’m talking more tom-foolery recorded and up on the site. This may be more of a monthly goal, but we can definitely produce more content… Because when we take our time making stuff, it’s usually gold – like when I showcased my talents for NFL Scouts in my combine.

We already have BeerFest and the WCS Open recurring annually. I say we add one more to the docket. Not sure what exactly – we had discussed a Westminster-esque Dog Show, but not sure the logistics of that one. Maybe a softball tourney (though that could be tough)… SOMETHING though. We will have more events.

I actually am beyond proud of the apparel we have made to date. I think we can do better, but what we have is phenomenal.

I personally think this would go hand-in-hand with getting our podcast game up, OR if we just get better at the production stuff. But I don’t think getting a D-list celebrity is completely out of the equation (btw, a D-list celebrity might even just be like a Instagram model… to get us all on the same page here).

And belieb it or not, that’s it! Five REALLY simple things I think we can do this year to make WCS a little better for everyone.

If you agree, or have any suggestions, let us know. We know we can and will do better, but I’m down to hear it from you!



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