Chris Mullin. Patrick Ewing. St John’s. Georgetown.¬†TONIGHT, Big East basketball at Madison Square Garden is going to be absolutely EN FUEGOOOO!!

The last meeting of the Red Storm and the Hoyas (the First Round of the Big East tourney last year) resulted in a St John’s win, but more famously was a fight between the two rivals…

This year Mullin’s alma mater will host Georgetown, but one with a different head coach than the one that was ejected… But one that may make the rivalry somehow even fiercer.

Patrick Ewing Georgetown.jpg

That’s right!! Madison Square Garden’s (okay, maybe just the Knicks) very own – Patrick Aloysius Ewing!!

The fight last March did involve a Patrick Ewing, just not the Patrick Ewing. The one who fought Mullin last year was Ewing’s son, but this year the old man is ready to rekindle the rivalry that the REAL Patrick Ewing and Mullin had left off over thirty years ago.

Tonight, we here at Water Cooler Sports will have Big Fudge, ‘Rrell, Marty Quinn and myself in attendance (along with a few LEGENDS), and I expect 100 beers to be drank between the handful of us… I also expect (basketball-wise) a couple other things…

First, I expect Ewing to get a HUGE ovation from the crowd. Yes, he’s visiting the Mecca – he’s in enemy territory, BUT this was his home for 15 years… New York will embrace our former #1 overall pick HUGE. Once a Knick, always a Knick.

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Second, Mullin is going to be REVVED up. Do I expect a fight? No, I give that like a 5% chance. I do expect him to get at least a technical. He’s going to want this win so badly. The NYC native is going to show his city colors, curse his brains out, get so angry his head will look like it’ll pop, and (hopefully) at the end, deliver a W.

Love this rivalry, the Garden is going to be on fire.

Let’s go Johnnies!!