Make no mistake, tonight – we here at Water Cooler Sports HQ are ALL IN on the Georgia Bulldogs!! DAWGS. ON. TOP!!!


So to get myself HYPED for the big game, I did my due diligence on Freshman QB Jake Fromm… I dumpster dove HARD into his Twitter today (all the way back to 2015) and he’s got an interesting little tale.

Shall we?

Listen, a soft one to start with? Maybe. But any hot shot who is interacting with Twitter accounts of a FAKE Jacob Eason account with 4k followers… means they don’t think they’re hot shots at all. Humble. He’s a man of the people. Jacob Fromm is the man.

Takes a certain swagger to record a sing-a-long video with your extremely hot mom… And add in that it’s a country jammy jam? Yeah, I’m sold.

MERICA. FUCK YEAH!!! This is legendary, like I kinda wanna do this next weekend… BANG BANG!!

At this point, State Farm needs to sponsor this guy. He could make the entire state of Georgia to switch coverage if they play their cards right. Just sayin’!! (Psst… the NCAA doesn’t have to know πŸ˜‰)

Ric Flair is tweeting with a freshman in college. SIXTY EIGHT YEAR OLD RIC FLAIR – WITH A NINETEEN YEAR OLD JAKE FROMM!!! This kid is getting ALL the looks, and I love every second of it!!

Love this one from his 5th grade teacher… Fromm retweeted this and I couldn’t resist. I’m picturing Ketch doing this to one of his Legion players 10 like years from now… Taking ALL the credit for their accomplishments. Hey, maybe THAT will be our big break!!

That is honestly a beauty. Looks like a nine point MONSTER buck. Yes, Fromm gets points from me here strictly for being a “good ol’ boy”… But I’m a sucker for backwoods Americans, sue me!

Trent. Fucking. Dilfer. TRENT DILFER gave him the idea for this handle (which I haven’t really addressed but is FIRE)… I mean, I love that. In June of 2016 – the time of this tweet – Fromm was 17. Trent Dilfer, Super Bowl winning quarterback (people forget), knew THEN how great this kid was and wanted to help his Twitter game out. I love it.

^^and this is where I learned something WILD. Jake Fromm WAS an Alabama commit… He WAS. Until Kirby Smart left. Tonight’s game just got a little more intriguing (from both perspectives) for me.

Again, like this kid was DIEHARD Roll fucking Tide Alabama… But he apparently wasn’t going for Saban. He apparently was going to Smart. He followed Smart to Georgia. Tonight, we’ll see if he made the right move!

And last, I want to end with a shoutout to our boy, diehard Georgia fan Miller… Never forget his started 2017’s momentum with this hype video.

Everyone, time to play Baha Men on loop… TIME TO LET THE DAWGS OUT!!!