Last night, when Alabama’s starting quarterback Jalen Hurts was benched at halftime for Tua Tagovailoa, many thought it was out of pure desperation… And when the freshman QB led the Crimson Tide back from that 13-0 lead, it seemed like a fairy-tale ending.

My thing is, this is NOT something we should be too surprised by. In fact, we see this almost ALL THE TIME!!

Think about it…

When Jason Street got hurt in Friday Night Lights, who did coach Taylor turn to? Quiet and reserved sophomore QB – Matt Saracen to lead his Dillion Panthers…

Matt Saracen Dillion Panthers.jpg

When Jack “Cap” Rooney and Tyler Cherubini BOTH go out with injuries late in the season for the Miami Sharks, who did Coach D’Amato turn to in Any Given Sunday?

Willie Beaman Miami Sharks

When Coach McGinty needed a win in The Replacements, you know who he turned to? Not his star quarterback (the asshole) Eddie Martel, NOPE, he turned to Shane Falco!!

Shane Falco Washington Sentinels

And Coach Marty wasn’t second guessed too much when Sophomore Alex Moran, then considered a forever backup, came in and tossed 7 touchdowns – breaking the school record previously held by John Elway…

Alex Moran Blue Mountain State

It appears this happens time and time again. It’s almost shocking teams don’t do it MORE often quite frankly.

Backups win championships… Everyone knows that!!

Jared Lorenzen Super Bowl XLII.jpg

(^^That may be misleading, J-Lo actually had nothing to do with that Super Bowl win… He’s just the GOAT when it comes to backup QB’s. Everyone know that)