Nothing quite grabs the attention quite like an “Ohio Youth Basketball League scandal“… Am I right?!

Well apparently the story here is that some rec basketball team got kicked out of their league for naming themselves the “Wet Dream Team” (which is hilarious) but then arguably stepping over the line when they started putting blatantly racist nicknames on the back of their jerseys, like “Coon” and “Knee Grow” (pronounced “Negro“).

Here’s my take. “Wet Dream Team” is great… In fact, it is CLASSIC!! They added ONE small word and made “Dream Team” – which would be VERY cocky to name yourself – into a slapstick humor team name… So as far as the team name goes, yes,  I am okay with it. Sexually clever stuff is A+ in my book.

The names on the back are where they went awry. They simply aren’t clever. They got lazy.

Like, very simply, if they wanted to go with the name “Knee Grow” – just put “Grow” for your last name, and on the official roster (cuz those totally matter in rec) make your first name “Knee“.

It’d be no different than having your last name be “McCockiner” (could be a real last name, who knows!) and list your first name as “Barry“… naturally pronounced “Bury my cock in her“!! Or, if your listed your last name as “Johnson” and your first “Harry“… “Hairy Johnson”!!

Listen, the list of perverted names you can come up with is endless. “Knee Grow” would’ve been fine, they just needed to be a tad more clever to get away with it and list the two words as separate names… They could’ve laughed internally about how racist hilarious they are, and everyone (now nationally) could’ve just thought nothing of it.

But alas, these kids couldn’t help themselves… They blew it and for that got kicked out of their league.

Moral of the story? It’s not the name on the back of the jersey that matters. It’s the name on the front. I’m glad that Cinncinati area rec league can teach these kids that important lesson so early in life.

It’s a team game gentlemen. Stop being selfish.