Why is HQ Trivia so great?

Literally one week ago I didn’t know wtf it was. Seriously!! Big Fudge loaded it up during last Thursday’s snow day here in NYC, and I immediately got hooked. THAT fucking quickly I got hooked…

So what is it?

Basically, HQ Trivia is a game show on an app. It “airs” twice a day at 3pm & 9pm and anyone can play. You have to answer twelve multiple choice questions (each with only 3 choices) and if you answer them all correctly, you get a cut of the (usually) $2,000 prize. The first one you answer wrong, you get eliminated.

It hit my radar when I saw some chick FREAKING OUT the other week because she got all 12 right and won (little did she know she won with like 200 other people so she only got a $10 payout) and I remember thinking, “Oh my word, fuck that game…

…But you know what I think it is?

It’s just that sad pipe dream of winning free money – and not even THAT much. Winning $2,000 is enough to get me – and like a million other people – to commit to a twice a day, 15-minute game. That’s all!!

It’d be enough to that old Bronco I’ve always wanted, enough to get that Sobro coffee table for the WCS HQ, hell… It’d even be enough to get tickets for the squad to the Knicks-Celtics game in February!!

HQ Trivia is just a pure “dreamer’s” game and yes, they got me… Hook. line and sinker.



Dreamers Gonna Dream,