ESPN had a cover story on Case Keenum today and it made me this of this… If that fucking guy – a STARTING QB in the NFL – walked by me on the street, would I even be able to recognize him??

And the crazy thing is… There’s more than one QB like that still alive in the playoffs right now!!

So I wanted to play a little game… “Can You Pick the Starting QB Out of a Lineup?

Below we have three faces of totally random guys… And the question is: can you spot Case Keenum, starting quarterback for the NFC’s #2 seed Minnesota Vikings??

We started out with a tough one… All three of the above pictured men AREĀ elite quarterback talents, no doubt, but only one is correct. You have your selection for which one is Case Keenum? Good…

The correct answer was……………….


From left to right you have Tommy Rees (former Notre Dame legend), Colt Brennan (former Hawaii Rainbow Warrior), and Case Keenum… If you recognized any of them, I feel like you deserve an award honestly. They are all just plain normal ass lookin’ dudes.

Next, I want to see if anyone could recognize Philly QB Nick Foles. Another just regular lookin’ guy that I am convinced I would NOT recognize if he was the barista serving my coffee this morning…

Here we go… Round 2!!

Do you know it? Do you have your pick ready? Which one of these mofo’s is starting this Saturday for the Philadelphia Eagles?


The correct answer is……….

The four eyes on the left!! That’s right, Nick Foles looks like that freaking nerd Josh from accounting!!

(The other two, from left to right were Scotty McCreery – country music singer, and Evan Spiegel – founder of SnapChat)

I’ll be honest guys, I know I was the one who came up with these faces for the post, but there is a 0% chance I’d recognize either of these guys in the wild. And that to me is WILD.

Whatever, I love seeing these random faces have a chance to make themselves known – reminds me of when Kurt Warner went from bagging groceries to starting QB for the Rams in the Super Bowl. People forget.

Time for these rando’s to shock the world!!