On Wednesday, Rodney Hood was ejected from the Jazz-Wizards game, and on his way out he slapped a fans phone out of their hands… It was hilarious.

But today, I saw recently Rodney Hood was fined $35k for that move.

Well, guess what Rodney Hood, today is your lucky day! I’m here making lemonade from lemons baby… Let’s parley this into a marketing opportunity!!

Let’s face it, you’re getting a LOT of attention for this, maybe some of the most you’ll ever get (the problem with playing in Utah I suppose), and I think a Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile/Boost would JUMP at the opportunity to get a “switch your phone” marketing scheme focused around you smacking people’s phones out of their hands.

It’d be simple. Picture this…

SCENE 1: Some jabroni would be texting on his Blackberry in a park. You walk over and smack it out saying “BRO!! GET THAT OUTTA HERE!

SCENE 2: Maybe some nature boy taking a picture of a mountain range with a flip phone… “BROOO!! YOU KIDDING ME?! GET THAT OUTTA HERE!!

LAST SCENE: The same scenario as Wednesday night, with you walking out of a game and you knock the phone out of that same guys hands, except this time you just say, “BRO!! GET THAT OUTTA HERE!!” **you lean in and whisper** “(insert provider here) has a buy one get one deal on the new iPhone…

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Well, you’re welcome. Pretty sure that is just pure gold and I’m giving it away for free. That one’s on me Rodney. Hit me up next time you’re in NYC and you owe me a beer.



Pure Marketing Genius,