Nurse Brit is back with all her schooling in the medical field to deliver to you, our faithful reader all the answers to those questions you NEED answers to: SEX QUESTIONS!!

If you have a question, comment it below and we’ll get it posted for next week… Until then, we have a few Q&A’s that should clear some things up for us!

QUESTION: In the hook-up culture world we live in, how “cleaned up” is TOO cleaned up” when it comes to manscaping? Like, if you’re first hooking up with someone with a huge bush VERSUS a completely clean shaven downstairs, which is preferred? Asking for a friend…
ANSWER: Manscaping is an art. It all comes down to a balance. A completely shaven downstairs may give off a “baby-like” feel, which may be your partner’s taste, but I think most people are a little taken back by a completely clean slate. On the other hand, a huge bush is also off-putting. With that much hair, it is unlikely for a woman (or man) to put their mouth anywhere near your junk. A fine line must be taken between hair-y and hair-less. However, if your partner is drunk enough it probably won’t matter anyway. Hope that this is helpful… for your friend.

QUESTION: ^^^Is this the greatest Tinder profile you’ve ever seen? Also, what percentage of chicks do you think are “in” on getting their ass eaten?
ANSWER: Greatest Tinder profile… ehhhh. But it has many redeeming qualities. One of which I am sure that most of the readers notice is “If you wont eat my ass dont talk to me“. Which makes you for sure take a second look at this girls profile and probably earns her the swipe right*. I think about 50% of chicks are “in” on getting their ass eaten. Perhaps less or perhaps more. In my opinion, the only reason girls are not “in” is due to a stigma of cleanliness (even though we all know girls do not poop). I’d say you got 1:2 odds, so if you’re a gambling person, those odds seem like a good bet.

QUESTION: Nurses in porn are great. From your personal professional experience, have you ever experienced a nurse banging a patient? How about nurses banging doctors? Is it just like Scrubs and/or Grey’s Anatomy and doctors & nurses just bang all the time?
ANSWER: From my professional experience, no. Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs make things a little more idealistic. In reality, health professionals do not bang each other in the on call rooms on a daily basis, and not every doctor or nurse you meet is that good looking. Sorry to burst your bubble there. But keep on watching all the nurse-related porn you’d like however!

Keep the questions cumming. Have a safe Sunday readers and may all your Bud’s be frosty.



Nurse Britt



* = It did. Chick got a super like.