This past weekend, we had arguably one of the biggest “false alarms” in American history.

With one simple mistake, a Hawaii Emergency Management Administrator sent an entire state into a panic… But luckily for EVERYONE, it was just a simple WHOOPSIES!!

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Now understandably so, we as Americans are a little more concerned these days of a nuclear war, what with North Korea being a bunch of maniacs and Washington DC being, well, a bunch of maniacs too (just in a different way), but once the dust had settled, it was nice to know we could all joke around about this.

Without further ado, I give you “The Best of Twitter: The Hawaiian Missile Crisis“!!

My favorite BY FAR is the “close call” one comparing this to the UConn women’s team ALMOST losing a game… Like, dude, Hawaii thought it was getting nuked into the Pacific Ocean, and you’re comparing this “close call” to a women’s college basketball game?? SAVAGE!!



Probably Still Too Soon,