I remember moving up to Syracuse in 2008, and hearing people talk about how great Wegmans supermarkets are and thinking to myself, “f*ck those people. They don’t know what they’re talking about… If they did they wouldn’t live where it’s rainy, snowy, cloudy 99.69% of the time!

(I may have paraphrased some things there.)

Here’s the thing though – I REALLY miss Wegmans.

It had EVERYTHING. It was HUGE. It was CLEAN. And their clientele was similar to that of Panera*. Basically they created a perfect shopping experience.

…or so I thought.

Wegmans announced today that a Massachusetts store is set to have a fully loaded Mexican restaurant WITH (…drumroll please…) TEQUILA!!!

season 3 leah GIF by Bachelor in Paradise

That’s right, hopefully once this becomes a national phenomenon, people everywhere will be able to cope with the shittiness that is grocery shopping, by ripping shots of Jose Cuervo and scarfing down an quesadilla before heading down those aisles to pickup diapers for your rugrat, or a plunger for the toilet your husband just wrecked, or whatever it is normal people go to the grocery store for…

Wegmans, you damn geniuses, you did it again!

Keep on keeping on, and please open some stores near me in NJ?? Please and thanks!!






* = Not sure I ever blogged about this, but Panera is like a magnet for MILF’s and hot yoga chicks. It’s amazing. I don’t know how they did it – but it is awesome.