Dear Mr Gettleman,


Allow me to paint you a picture… A 6th rounder from the 2000 NFL draft hosting a first rounder from 2014. A 3rd rounder from 2012 hosting a guy undrafted in the same year.

QBs Remaining in NFL PLayoffs Brady Bortles Foles Keenum Painting.jpg

(Okay, I didn’t paint that picture, they’re all off Google images… You got me)

THAT is the current landscape of NFL quarterbacks still alive as we head into the AFC & NFC Championships this weekend.

Respectively, that’s Tom Brady vs Blake Bortles, and Nick Foles vs Case Keenum, for those of you keeping score at home (RIP).

Now, why do I bring this up? Why does this even matter? Am I just writing to get some content on this site? Am I just doing this to flex my sports nuts?

Image result for they're onto us gif

No, I’m doing this to show that I really REALLY REALLY believe that the New York Football Giants front office should NOT be thinking of using this #2 overall pick on a QB.

Football is a team sport, there are ELEVEN people on the field at a time. If a handful of those guys are shitty, it makes the whole ELEVEN of them look bad. I don’t care how good one or two of them are.

Winning with a shitty quarterback isn’t easy, you need a team to lift them (see Joe Flacco’s Super Bowl, or maybe more recently, Blake Bortles’ horrific performance in his playoff win over Buffalo).

You can put any of these quarterbacks behind New York’s offensive line and they’ll perform as bad, if not worse, than Eli.

Mr Gettleman, Dave, D-Nasty (can I call you D-Nasty?)… Just realize that spending a first round pick does NOT guarantee success. There are plenty of flaws elsewhere to focus on.

So please, understand that we can win with an older QB – maybe a little out of his prime – as long as the team around him is built correctly.

Get a line, the run game will follow, play action opens up, our defense can get a little more rest, we’re back.

FIX THE FUCKING O-LINE. Please and thank you.



Sincerely – a Frustrated Season Ticket Holder,



P.S. Saw this in my search for “Nick Foles painting” and thought I should share:

Nick Foles Napoleon Dynamite Eagles.jpg