This weekend you’re either a cocksucker from New England and therefore rooting for those damn Patriots, OR, you are Jaggin Off and rooting for the HUGE underdogs, the “Sasksonville” Jaguars!!

Now, everything in my brain tells me the Patriots will win by 30… It only makes sense right? RIGHT?!

But with the news of Tom Brady’s hand exploding, the door has opened a TINY bit…

Well I say we blast that fucking door down.

There is a Twitter handle @BortlesFacts that just tweets out genius facts and figures about the Jags’ STUD signal caller.

Check out the others I snubbed from the above list, give em a follow… And who knows, maybe these “Blake Bortles is undefeated in the playoffs” tweets can last at least a couple more weeks!



Jaggin Off to Blake Bortles Facts,