(PLEASE NOTE: Celtics wing Jaylen Brown and Jaguars defensive back AJ Bouye evidently are cousins… I didn’t know that, so maybe you didn’t either. Okay, glad that’s out of the way. Let’s get to the story!)

Last night after the Celtics loss to the Sixers (#TrustTheProcess), Jaylen Brown came out as VERY anti-New England this weekend…


I think it’s absolutely safe to say Jaylen Brown hates Tom Brady (who’s thumb exploded the other day if you haven’t heard), New England and Boston in general!!

Safe to assume Danny Ainge has already put Jaylen on the trading block… I mean, IT loved Boston and Ainge had no issue kicking his ass out the door, so if a player actually comes out and says he’s against New England? Yeah…

Image result for he gone gif

I’m thinking Boston sends Jaylen and his exorbitant contract ($5M) to the Knicks for former Defensive Player of the Year (2014) Joakim Noah. That’d definitely secure them some veteran leadership for their young squad.

BOOM… Did I just broker an NBA deal? You’re welcome Danny – I’m practically doing your job.

Bottom line, Jaylen wants to see Boston fans cry Sunday…



Time to start Jaggin’ off!!



(Or, MAYBE, just maybe, nobody told him Boston is in New England…🤔🤔)