Listen, I “get” how ads are served for sure (I mean, shit, I work for a media company). And honestly, I do look at a ton of weird shit for this site so the internet gods are going to serve me weird stuff throughout the day… I accept that.

But today’s Homesick Candles ad really got me to thinking.

It’s not rocket science to figure out, they basically sell candles that remind you of home… So like, if you’re from Maine, maybe the candle smells like lobster??

But lobsters smell like shit… And then I realized the hilarious stereotypes that could make these candles GREAT. Think about it:

  • If you’re from Jersey, they’d smell like garbage (everyone hates Jersey, I get it… whatever).
  • If you’re from Wisconsin, would they smell like cheese? Would people enjoy a cheese scented candle in their homes?
  • If you’re from Colorado, it’d reek of weed.

But I was like, no fucking chance they actually sell joke things like that…

OH YES THEY DO!!!!!!!!

This might be the new move. Housewarming parties are just going to be filled with candles making fun of people about where they’re from – because THAT’s what friends do!!

Homesick Candles… Well done you cheeky bastards! You just gave all of us the easiest gift to give to people.

We* thank you for your service.



The Cleveland Candle Would Smell Like Sadness,



* = “We” here referring to people who need help with gifts from time to time… But enjoy punking our friends with joke gifts because, hey – life’s too short! YOLOOOOOOO