If you haven’t seen the iPad Pro commercial yet (you’re lucky), allow me to ruin your day…

Maybe it’s like the whole Brooklyn hipster vibe that I hate the most… Maybe it’s her stupid boy haircut… Maybe it’s those glasses (that used to make people look like nerds but now somehow have come back in style… honestly, wtf happened there?!)… But when she says the words “What’s a computer?” at the end, I just want to punch her in the face*.

Her poor fucking neighbor, who by all signs seems like a nice old lady, is just stepping outside to take out her trash, or sweep her walk, or WHATEVER, and attempts to make some nice little harmless small talk with her younger neighbor, with a “Oh hey there – whatcha doin’?

And this little fucking punk blows her off with a “What’s a computer?

Fuck you Apple. This is the sort of millennial hipster shit that makes me hate you and your products.

Now, I am not an Apple guy. I never have been. With the exception of an iTouch in college for music purposes, I had no reason to get myself an Apple product – it just never was for me. I thought people that got them at first were the kind of hoity-toity snobs who were like, “Meh, look at me – I got an iPhone!!

And then literally¬†EVERYONE got one and the more people that got them, it just turned me off to them even more. I’m no sheep. I’m gonna do me. You do you.

But for the most part their commercials never bothered me. If anything they had some Lumineers song in the background and I’d always be like, “Oh shit,¬†that song is dope!” – I’d go download it, and that was the end of that. Their commercials used to be like a musical discovery for me…

Now? Now they portray this punk, hipster girl (who in like 5 years will be a super femi-Nazi) blowing off her elder neighbor’s harmless question.

If anything, this makes me NOT want an iPad. Fuck that punk ass kid, and fuck Apple.



Punk Kids (and Apple) are the WORST,



* = Relax. I would never actually punch the little punk. It’s a figure of speech… RELAX.