Gilbert Arenas slammed Oklahoma City Thunder fans last night on Instagram for not voting last year’s MVP, Mr Triple-Double, THE BRODIE, Russell Westbrook into the All Star game…


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Okc fans…..i don’t feel sorry @kevindurant left now…u have a top 3 player in the nba in your city,busting his ass day in and day out….carrying that sac of shit city on his back and you mutha fuckers cant vote him into the All-Star game???? How does a player with the 7th most popular jersey (THIS) year not get voted in ?? @russwest44 your fans failed u #brodie 🤭every person in Oklahoma should have been throwing All-Star vote #forRussparties…my jersey wasn’t a 10 seller but there was no fucking way #DC was gonna allow Vince carter to start one more All-Star game on they watch….down 120,000 votes in 2 days,they snatched the whole All-Star experience out of Vince…that was the last year he made the All-Star game🤔🤣 OKC this is your warning…you fail Russ again WE LEAVING 😂😂 oh PS Paul George Is out of there…he just seen what y’all are capable of “or the lack of” 👀 @outofboundsshow @complex

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Honestly, for a guy who once brought a gun into the locker room (which by the way, he talked about on the Uninterrupted Podcast last Wednesday and it was GREAT) I gotta say I was almost impressed. No.chill.gil was soooo close to being right about this one…

He was right in the sense that yes, Oklahoma SHOULD have voted to make sure Russ makes the All Star game. He is their franchise. He showed them loyalty after KD left. He’s their guy.

But here’s the thing, Russ DID make the All-Star game

My guess is that (as this post was uploaded around midnight) Agent Zero – after a few too many Henny & Coke’s – typed like an idiot and said he it’s bullshit that Russ didn’t make the All Star Game, when in actually he did. He’s just not starting…

Gotta love it that he wrote this 161 word soliloquy blasting OKC (calling it a “sac of shit city“) and fluffing himself for DC fans voting him in over Vince Carter (differing positions but… ok).

Agent Zero just chucking up shots… Some things never change!







P.S. After watching to the whole Out of Bounds show, Gilbert WAS talking about not making the starting lineup, but his Instagram post just read differently.