I’ve written now SEVEN blogs about Michael Beasley… That is SEVEN more than I thought I’d write about him if you asked me last April* and honestly, there is a legit reason why: This guy is GREAT.

Recently, Kevin Durant talked after the Knicks visited the Warriors on Tuesday about Beasley and just how great he is:

…(Beasley) said he was just as skilled as LeBron and myself, and I was feeling him on that… because he IS… He can score from anywhere. He can score on anybody. He can use both hands… he’s got the foundation of his game set, it’s just time to build on top of it.

Beasley told the New York Post that he and KD have talked about being teammates before BUT, “…I’m a New York Knick… One thing I do think about it is me being tired of moving — having a long-time home. I don’t want to move anymore.

When told of this Wednesday, Durant said, “he’s found a solid home in New York and hopefully he sticks there.

Beasley responded, “Me too.

(No Floyd Mayweather, that’s STILL not what #METOO is about)

THIS… THIS is why Michael Beasley is the fucking best. One of the best (two?) players in the NBA is talking about how great you are, knows you are on a one-year deal and is balls-deep in the “Let’s Build an NBA Super Team” culture, but Beasley says “Nah brah… I’m good in New York!

im out rachael ray GIF by ABC Network


I really think Beas loves his role in New York and loves how much the team needs him… I just think Beasley finally found a place that loves him and calls him theirs, and I’m sure chants of “M-V-P!!” at the Garden the other night only solidified that in his head:


Beasley is THE “goat in New York” – and hopefully never anywhere else.





* = Before his signing in May… After his signing and then claiming the Knicks could be a #8 seed, I knew he was our guy.