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A dark, morbid question this week but that’s okay. I’m sure we’ve all wondered this from time to time. Hell, these people are certified lunatics who mass murder people and then they just throw them into an insane asylum as if that is supposed to help them. For fuck’s sake, the Joker was able to seduce one of the shrinks and turn her into Harley Quinn! If that ain’t a broken system, I don’t know what is.

But to answer the question at heart, Gotham simply does not have the death penalty on the books. People have been trying for years to make a case for it, but the damn liberals in the state and local legislatures keep shooting it down. When will they see that they can save money on detention costs by just buying a bullet?

It’s a sad state of affairs over there in Gotham, a city that is absolutely real and that we should all care about. But alas, it’s Batman’s town and if these snowflakes in office want to keep us from murdering our supervillains, at least we have The Bat to keep the streets clean!

What I think would be the best solution, is to put all these villains in a Battle Royale against one another. The prize? Your life.

P.S. I’ll be honest, the day got away from me. I was busy at work and had already selected this question earlier so I just ran with it. Not my best work, but I’ll be back next week and I’ll learn from my mistake.