Found this super new* fun game today on Twitter that Knicks fans have been playing, more specifically Kyle O’Quinn fans. It’s called “WTF Did KOQ Just Tweet?!

Okay, maybe it doesn’t have an official name (yet), but it is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. I noticed last night that Kyle O’Quinn had a series of tweets of straight jibberish. I thought maybe his kid took his phone or something, and he just didn’t know:

KOQ Tweets Jibberish.PNG

But then, after some Twitter stalking, I realized he’s done it before, and THAT is when I started checking the responses.

And then I started to see some answers that get REAL silly and I honestly think that all of #Knicks Twitter should be jumping on this… Because it’s too good. Enjoy:

Tonight, the Knicks travel to Boston for an 8pm tip, and if there is ONE thing I’m hoping, it’s that KOQ drops some cryptic tweet in his little Twitter code to get in their heads. We’ll have the W in the bag before the game even begins.

I’ll be waiting. You should too.





* = Not “new” at all actually… O’Quinn has been doing this for years. I’m just late to the game. Sad!

** = That was code for “The NY Bar Mitzvah Scene Isn’t the Only Thing He’s Crushing