(CNN) – The father of three daughters who were abused by Larry Nassar tried to attack the former doctor in an Eaton County, Michigan, court Friday before he was tackled and arrested by security. 

Randall Margraves said he was a “distraught father” and cursed at Nassar, but Judge Janice Cunningham told him that was not allowed in court.

He then asked the judge for personal time alone with the “demon.”

“I would ask you, as part of the sentencing, to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon,” he asked. “Would you give me one minute?”

The judge declined, saying, “That’s not how our legal system works.”

“Well, I’m going to have to,” Margraves responded, and he launched into a sprint toward Nassar.

Security rushed to stop him and grabbed him from behind before he was able to reach Nassar.

It’s a crying shame that Randall Margraves got restrained by the courts officers. That scumbag Larry Nassar sexually assaulted over 200 women (and counting), three of them being this man’s daughters! Aside from the fathers, the only people that have more of a right to punch this asshole in the face are the women themselves.

I remember when Osama bin Laden was killed and before everyone knew he was dead (just thought we captured him) one of the guys on my hall in college suggested that we string him up in Times Square and anyone who wants can come and stick him with a needle. That’s all. No punches, no shooting the guy, no cutting him up. Just a few million needles stuck in him. Talk about death by a thousand paper cuts. In any case, I feel like the same should go for Larry Nassar. Any father or victim that wants the opportunity should be able to walk up to him and just slap him in the face or nut tap him or something.

Either that or give just one person (I nominate Randall Margraves) five minutes alone in a locked room with the guy. I mean granted, he’ll have plenty of alone time with plenty of angry men in jail, but the personal connection just won’t be there and that’s why I think we need to reform our justice system for these particularly terrible cases.

On a final note, why did these court officers have to do their job? Just pretend you dozed off in a daydream or something, nobody is going to call for your job for that. I mean hell, the mafia used to (and probably still does) knock off witnesses right on the stand–we can’t let a distraught father do the same? Shame on us.

P.S. The “Yes or No?” from him was epic. To say that to a judge, who is supposed to be like the most respected person on the planet, takes a lot of balls.