Five weeks strong of Bachelor Night in America!  Give this week’s episode a listen as we discuss the following:

  • State of Arie
  • One on One (Chelsea) vs One on One (Tia) including a heated debate about how long it takes to build a house on stilts in the Florida Everglades
  • Bowling Group Date
  • Bekah M being a missing person
  • Cocktail Party
  • Quotes
  • Top 3 Bottom 2

We kind of dropped the ball on the Twitter questions last week, but this week be sure to tweet us your questions @ABCDTheBachelor or @WCS_Junior.

Now, it is time to release the Week 2 Power Rankings.  There was definitely some movement this week as in my opinion, the pretenders were eliminated and we left with only contenders at this point.  Just a reminder, Junior and I both rank the women and award points based on where we each rank them.  This week, the italicized number in parenthesis is their ranking from last week.  So let’s do it.

1. Tia (4): 19 points (1 first place vote) – You can tell a lot about how much a man likes a woman by how he reacts when the woman says she loves him 3 weeks into a relationship with 12 other girls going after him.  When “Too Soon Tia” dropped the “L” word, Arie didn’t freak out.  He simply smiled and laid a big kiss on her.  There’s no denying the interest Arie has in Tia at this point.  She’s steadily been climbing the ranks the last few weeks which culminated in a great one-on-one.

2. Lauren B (3): 17 points (1 first place vote) – I have to say, my counterpart, Junior is incredibly high on Lauren B.  While I’m not low on her, I do have a hard time ranking her number one at this point.  There’s no denying she has been one of the stronger competitors over the last few weeks, quietly climbing the ranks, but until she gets a one on one, I personally don’t think she’s quite at the Tia/Seinne/Bekah level right now.  From Junior: “I think she has the most real relationship with Arie.  Her little 20 questions game let them get to know the little things about each other and I think Arie like (sic) that kind of stuff.”

3. Seinne (1): 16 points – Seinne was quiet this week, but was easily safe in the Rose Ceremony.  What I personally loved about Seinne this week is she was so calm, cool, and collected when she went all Bob Sydell from Office Space on Krystal.

Seinne’s still a true contender in this game and I think unless she walks, she could easily make it to hometowns and possibly beyond.

4. Bekah M (2): 13 points – Bekah, similar to Seinne, had a quiet week when it came to Arie.  She was very outspoken when it came to the Krystal situation, but it didn’t appear that she had a whole lot of time with Arie during the episode.  Perhaps it’s how the show was cut, but perhaps she let the drama around Krystal affect her attention to Arie.  From Junior: “A quiet week from her as well but unlike Sienna (sic), maybe it’s because Arie nows (sic) she’s a child now.  In any case, a bit of a drop but still a contender.”

5. Kendall (5): 12 points – To me, Kendall is similar to Lauren B.  Look, I love Kendall.  Love her quirkiness.  Love the book of questions she has.  Even the taxidermy thing is growing on me, but let’s not overlook the fact that Kendall has not received a rose outside of the Rose Ceremony yet.  Potential?  Sure.  But she has got to come up big and go into a Rose Ceremony with a Rose this week if she wants to be seen as a true contender.  From Junior: “Another solid week for Kendall.  Sure, she has here quirks like taxidermy and saying she’d eat human flesh, but she is also one of the most mature people there, as evidenced by her conversation with Krystal.”

6. Chelsea (7): 10 points (Tie breaker, one 5th place vote) – Chelsea finally got a one-on-one date with Arie, which almost seemed like Peyton Manning finally winning the Super Bowl.  Now that Chelsea has gotten the monkey off her back, let’s see if she can continue to rise.  I view Chelsea as one of the biggest wildcards in the field.  I could see her getting the boot next week, but I could also see her making a deep run.  From Junior: Despite a good 1:1 performance, I just don’t see Chelsea making it much longer.  They had a nice time but really nothing popped out that secured her a spot in the top 5.  She’s a mom, how long could Arie possibly keep her away from her daughter?” Ketch Note:  She has a son, not a daughter.

7. Becca K (6): 10 points – Becca made a move this week after being incredibly quiet the last few weeks.  She sat with Arie in his room, stole some kisses from the kissing bandit and was probably runner up in getting the group date rose this week.  I think this will be a big week for Becca.  I have high hopes for her and despite her lower ranking, I would not be surprised to see her in the Fantasy Suite, and at this point she is definitely one of my top picks for next Bachelorette.

8. Jacqueline (9): 6 points – Talk about too little, too late.  Jacqueline finally made some moves in the Arie department this week.  She got a kiss, and told Arie that she was into racing which, as we all know, is a huge deal.  While I think if she made her move earlier she might have a chance to be a real contender, I think there’s too many girls that have developed deeper relationships and Jacqueline is just too late to the party.  From Junior: “A spike in the charts for Jacqueline this week!  We finally heard her speak and she got a kiss form Arie.  Whoa, look out Bachelor world.” Ketch Note: I don’t appreciate the sarcasm.

9. Jenna (8): 4 points – Jenna is the party girl.  I have no problem with the party girl, but I think it is glaringly obvious to Arie that Jenna is probably not “wife material” at this point.  I hope she sticks around and pops, locks, and squeals more, but her days may be numbered.  From Junior: “Sadly, I think Jenna’s goofiness can only carry her so far in this game.  She hasn’t had a lot of quality time with Arie and he’s probably just keeping her around for a good time at this point.”

10. Krystal (10): 2 points – Sheesh!  In just a matter of weeks, Krystal went from top dawg, to bottom bitch.  Back to back weeks of epic meltdowns and Krystal finds herself on the outside looking in.  At this point, she has a lot of ground to make up to just get out of the bottom spot.  When push comes to shove, I just don’t know how she can possibly make up the ground she has lost.  On top of that, she confessed to Arie that she grew up in a bowling alley.  Even a fixer like Arie has his limits and I think he just sign off of demolishing this project.  From Junior“She’s a producer’s pick at this point.  There is absolutely no way in hell Arie is remotely attracted to her anymore.  She’s good for the #drama and ratings so he’s forced to pick her.  But now we’re in the top 10 – no more playing games, ABC.”


And there you have it.  Week 2 power rankings in the book!  I actually could see any of the Top 7 winning at this point which I truly think makes this one of the more wide open races in recent memory.  We are in for a wildly competitive last few weeks, including, what looks like a two on one this week!