Last night, I found myself watching the Super Bowl with a Bills fan, who complained about every call or non-call concerning the Patriots, another Bills fan who “recently became a Bills fan” for some God forsaken reason, and a Cowboys fan who was rooting for the Patriots and was somehow more obnoxious than the most obnoxious Patriots fan in the world.  On top of that were two chicks who were fall-on-your-ass drunk, so you could say that it was a pretty good time.  You would be wrong*, but you could say that.

As a Giants fan, I was 100% cheering for the Patriots for two reasons.  A.) As a Giants fan, what the hell do I have against the Pats?  All they’ve ever done to the Giants is lose twice in the Super Bowl to them and B.) Fuck the Eagles.  They’re a division rival and their fans are disgusting.  At times hilarious, but disgusting.

Anyways, it was a great game.  There’s no denying that.  It had underdogs, comebacks, big plays, trick plays, botched trick plays, botched kicks, it quite literally had at it all.   You got Tom Brady who arguably played his best Super Bowl.  Over 500 yards, 3 TD’s no interceptions, and a Passer Rating of like 117, and LOST.  I don’t have the stats to back this up, but that has to be one of his personal best performances in a loss.  I heard some dumbass at work today say that it was “time for Brady to hang ’em up” because he’s “a scrub” and all I could do was let out a scoff!  I mean if he did decide to retire, it’d be understandable, but going into the 2018-19 season, how many quarterbacks would you definitely take over Brady?  Two?  Three maybe?  Seriously.  Rodgers for sure.  Probably Wilson, aaaaannnnnddd Wentz?  Probably not Wentz.  Brees?  Maybe?  The point is, that guy was a dumbass for saying that.

Okay sorry, I did not write this blog to kiss Tom Brady on the lips for an excessive amount of time.

And then there was Nick Foles.  I have to say, even as a Giants fan, a small part of me was happy for Nick Foles.  Big Dick Nick came into the league with the Eagles, was beloved and anointed as the next franchise QB for Philly before being shipped off for Sammy Sleeves.  After a few seasons as a backup, he came back to Philly to again be a backup for a rookie.  Wentz goes down and everyone thought the Eagles were dead nuts.  As the number one seed in the NFC, Foles and the Eagles were the underdog in every playoff game.  All Foles did was win.  Other than a really ugly first half against the Falcons, Foles was absolutely fantastic all postseason long.  He was making great passes, playing with confidence and leading his team all postseason.  As someone who loves sports and underdogs, I had to tip my cap to Nick Foles.  Not the Eagles, just Foles.

Some of the plays Foles made last night were unbelievable.  The pass to Clement in the back of the endzone is the one that really stuck out to me.

You seriously cannot make a better pass than that.  It was perfect.  Sure the actual catch call could have gone either way I guess, but that pass made a little bit of blood rush to the tip of my penis.  I mean seriously is Nick Foles elite?  Yeah probably not, but he just bought himself at least 5 more years of, at the worst, being an overpaid backup.

Who knows what the future will hold for Foles.  I have a hard time believing the Eagles will move forward with Big Dick Nick, but Wentz probably won’t be 100% by the beginning of next season so who the hell knows what’s going to happen there.  For now though, Foles, Nick fucking Foles is the Super Bowl MVP in a game that had two of the best quarterback performances in recent memory.

Other quick thoughts on the game:

  • Gronk might retire?  That would be understandable, but kind of out of nowhere right?  I mean maybe the inner circle of Patriots fans knew this was going on, but not me.
  • Commercials sucked.
  • Malcolm Butler.  What happened there?  Did he miss the flight?  Did he miss curfew?  Was he smoking the pots?  Would any of that be a big enough deal to sit one of, if not, your best corners in the biggest game of the season?  Am I questioning Bill Belichick?  I have the right to do that because Belichick has lost three Super Bowls and I have lost none.  Fact.
  • Towards the end of last season, Alshon Jeffery guaranteed he’d win a Super Bowl this year.  Sure, he was with the Bears when he said it, but still he did win a Super Bowl.
  • While I understand both of those catches (Clements and Ertz) being called into question, and I do think that if they were initially called incomplete they may have stood as incomplete, I’m glad they called both of them catches.  I do not know if I could have handled the absolute mayhem that would have ensued around the Patriot Hating nation if they were overturned.  Not to mention the City of Philadelphia may actually have been burnt to the ground.
  • LaGarrett Blount and Chris Long are turning into the Johnny Gomes of the NFL.
  • A report came out a few weeks ago that if Tom Brady decided to play baseball, he had the tools to possibly have been one of the greatest catchers of all time.

Guess that wasn’t the case last night AMIRIGHT!  In my opinion, yes Brady should have caught that ball, but if you’re going to throw a pass to a 40 year old with limited mobility who has maybe caught ten balls on the run since like high school, you have to make an easier pass for him.  It was bad on both ends

  • Does anyone think Wentz is even a little nervous that his job is in danger? Maybe just a little?

All in all, great game.  Great quarterback play.  Fuck the Eagles, but tip of the cap to Nick Foles.


*I actually had a lovely time at the Super Bowl party yesterday.  I was just being emo for comedic affect.  Lots of good food and many laughs and I appreciate the hospitality.